Neckwear & Tie Silk


We have been weaving silk since before the Napoleonic wars; it is with this heritage and our current drive for perfection that we offer the finest silk fabrics available. We use:

• our special 7 ply ‘pure dye’ mulberry silk in the weft,
• exclusive pure dye ‘350 End’ warps that offer the most intricate detail;
• over 360 weft and 20 warp colours - bespoke dyeing is also available;
• rich mixes of linens, cottons, cashmeres and wools, as well as technical and fancy yarns;
• finishes that flatter our diverse weave constructions & qualities.

These are all prepared, dyed and woven in-house, giving us complete control over quality at every stage.

‘Pure Dye’ means that no artificial additives have been added to the warp or weft yarn to weight the fabric. The wholly pure combination gives unsurpassed quality, handle and balance.