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Neckwear Silk

Vanners began weaving silk fabrics for neckwear over a hundred years ago, when this men’s accessory was still in its infancy, having evolved from the stock or cravat. Throughout the twentieth century it remained one of Europe’s most prestigious silk weavers, specialising in regimental stripes and rich jacquards. Today, Vanners is known especially for its exclusive ‘350 End’ jacquards and the quality of its reppe stripes.

As well as its extensive archives, Vanners offers an unparalleled range of colours in both warp and weft. Our large computerised design department is able to create new jacquard designs very quickly. These various factors make the process of creating a tie collection at Vanners easy, efficient and enjoyable.

In addition to producing silk fabric for neckties, Vanners also supplies finished products: ties, bow-ties, seven-fold ties, pocket squares and scarves. We have substantial production in the UK and overseas, enabling us to provide the right product at the right price.

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