Neckwear & Tie Silk


After the passing of the Spitalfields Act of 1774, which fixed wage rates in London and abolished the tariffs on imported silks, the firm of Vanners moved its silk yarn processing and weaving operations to Sudbury and Haverhill in the county of Suffolk. The originators of the Company, The Vanners Brothers, were descended from French Huguenots.

By virtue of the highly skilled weavers from the then declining local wool industry, and from the latest jacquard production technology, Suffolk became a major hub of the UK silk industry, and by the turn of the nineteenth century silk weaving was thriving throughout the county. Jacquard looms were widely used in the 1800s and the first power looms were introduced at our mill in Sudbury around 1900, the very same premises we occupy today.

The ownership of the Company has today been placed firmly into the hands of its management team; our philosophy is to promote the long-term health of the company and all who work in it. To achieve that goal, we put customer service and product quality at the very top of our agenda.