Neckwear & Tie Silk


Eye-catching design has always been at the heart of the Vanners ethos. Whether recreating a period pattern from our archives or bringing a client’s original artwork to life, we utilise our bespoke CAD/CAM and Digital Loom Networking technology to ensure an accurate rendition within the large selection of jacquard repeats available.

We understand that in today’s fast moving commercial world, time is of the essence. Our expert design team can swiftly create new jacquard designs and weave strike offs or samples to meet any project timescales.

We see the design and manufacturing process as a partnership with the customer. We don’t just supply, we collaborate, listening to your needs, proposing ideas and conceiving solutions. Our attention to detail produces stunning results in everything from the simplest dot design to the most complex paisley pattern.

The terms ‘flexible’ and ‘bespoke’ perfectly sum up our design culture. By choosing Vanners, you can achieve a unique look that guarantees exclusivity to your collections.