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Cufflinks are reputed to have first appeared in the early seventeenth century as an alternative to ribbons and lace. Initially affordable only by the wealthy, they soon evolved into an essential accessory for gentlemen, becoming ever more widely available in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Today they represent a key accessory for the modern, well-dressed man, and are a natural complement to neckties, giving a touch of luxury and panache to a tailored shirt.

At Vanners we design and manufacture a wide range of cufflinks and other metal accessories, such as shirt stud sets, tie slides, stick-pins, badges and bill folds. Vanners’ comprehensive range incorporates base metals, hall-marked sterling silver with gold & rhodium plating options using high quality enamels, precious stones, silk yarn and miniature prints. Along with our collection, we offer a bespoke design service to tailor the product to your own specific equirements.

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